Perfect Pan Pizza, Redlining In Milwaukee, Bans On Conversion Therapy

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Pan pizza is delicious, and easy to make at home. On Food Friday, we get tips from a pan pizza expert. Milwaukee’s legacy of segregation has deep roots in bank lending policies known as redlining. And the American Medical Association supports bans on conversion therapy. We hear about their concerns.

Featured in this Show

  • Food Friday: Perfect Pan Pizza

    On this week’s Food Friday, we talk about how you can make the best pan pizza at home.

  • The Lasting Effects Of Redlining In Milwaukee

    A new project from University of Wisconsin’s Applied Population Lab is taking a closer look at how the decades-old policy of redlining continues to shape Milwaukee neighborhoods. We talk to one of the project’s contributors about how redlining played out in Wisconsin, and the effects we can still see today.

  • AMA Calls For Ban On All Conversion Therapy

    Some states and municipalities, including several in Wisconsin, have banned conversion therapy aimed at LGBTQ youth. The American Medical Association (AMA) is calling for a ban on the practice regardless of age. We hear what prompted the move.

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