Peer support and mental health, The year in anger

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David Crowley faces four students at Ronald Reagan High School, all wearing Hope Squad T-shirts, as they explain their peer mental health network.
Ronald Reagan High School senior Max Kiekhofer, center, tells Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley, left, about the research into the effectiveness of peer mental health support programs like Hope Squad on Tuesday, May 3, 2022. Madeline Fox/WPR

Peer support can be one of the best strategies for navigating a mental health challenge. We talk with an author and mental health expert about what we can do. We also look back at what got people angry in 2022 and how we can resolve the emotions in a positive way.

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  • The role of peer support in navigating mental health

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness has released its first book on understanding mental health. The Chief Medical Officer of NAMI joins us to talk about challenges some people face with their mental health and why it’s important to know you’re not alone when navigating your mental health.

  • How we got angry in 2022, and how to move forward

    We discuss what made people angry this year, how that can cause them to act — hostile in some cases — and how to deal with angry people… including ourselves.

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