Paul Ryan ‘Open’ To Speaker Job, Democratic Lawmaker Proposals, Collecting Nature’s Curiosities

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A Wisconsin writer has created a children’s guide for how to create the best collection of nature’s curiosities. He joins us to talk about the importance of appreciating the world around us from a young age. We’re also joined by Democratic lawmaker Fred Risser to discuss some of his recent proposals, and look at the chances that Paul Ryan will run for House Speaker.

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  • Reports Say Paul Ryan is 'Open' To Running For House Speaker

    The news is that Paul Ryan is open to running for Speaker of the House. The House doesn’t return to Washington from recess until Tuesday evening, but people close to Ryan are already saying that he is considering launching a bid for Speaker.

    The caveat is that he will only do it if he is ensured near unanimous support from House Republicans, including the Freedom Caucus. The Freedom Caucus in large part derailed Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker, by refusing to support him.

  • Senator Risser Opposes Overhaul Of State Civil Service System

    Republican lawmakers are pursuing an overhaul of the state’s civil service system. The new plan would eliminate exams, seniority protections, centralize hiring, and make it easier to fire misbehaving employees.

    Democrats oppose the move. It was actually Democratic Senator Fred Risser’s grandfather – A Republican – who sponsored the existing civil service laws back in 1905. Senator Risser weighs in.

  • A Guide To Understanding And Collecting The Wonders Of The Natural World

    From feathers to shells, and everything in between, a nature writer discusses how to identify and collect items found in nature…and how to build your very own ‘Cabinet of Curiosities.’

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