Password security, DNR leadership changes, Minimum wage

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We talk to a cybersecurity expert about how to handle our passwords to make them secure but easy to remember and access. Then, we learn more about the new Wisconsin DNR secretary and changes to its national resources board. Later, we explore the role of the minimum wage as 23 states other than Wisconsin have raised theirs recently.

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  • How to keep online passwords secure yet usable

    The online password manager LastPass was hacked in August and users were not notified until December. A cybersecurity expert offers the latest best practices for making sure your passwords are safe, yet still accessible.

  • Fred Prehn finally departs Natural Resources Board, DNR gets new secretary appointee

    Scott Walker-appointee Fred Prehn stepped down in December from the DNR’s policy-setting Natural Resources Board after holding his seat long after his term technically ended. We talk with a WPR reporter about this update, and learn about the DNR’s replacement for Preston Cole as secretary.

  • Minimum wage increases in 23 states, but not in Wisconsin

    Minimum wage increased across 23 states after the new year, but not in Wisconsin, where it remains at $7.25 an hour for adults considered no-tip employees. An economist joins us to talk about wages around the country and the possibility of a higher minimum in Wisconsin.

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