Paris Climate Agreement, Star Wars In Wisconsin, Affordable Care Act Update

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The deadline to receive healthcare through the Affordable Care Act on January 1st is coming up, and some users have been put off by fewer options on the market. We get an update on the state of the ACA in Wisconsin. We also learn about Harrison Ford’s ties to Wisconsin, and explore how the Paris climate agreement will affect U.S. energy policy going forward.

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  • How Paris Climate Agreement Will Affect U.S. Policy Going Forward

    Nearly 200 countries have agreed to a landmark climate deal in Paris after weeks of negotiations. A climate expert breaks down the historic agreement, and explores how it will affect America’s energy policy going forward.

  • Wisconsin Life: Wisconsin Star Wars Connections

    On today’s Wisconsin Life we’ll learn about actor Harrison Ford’s formative years at Ripon College.

    And we’ll talk to the creative minds behind the Wisconsin-made web series “Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager”, which follows the trivial day-to-day events of Darth Vader’s lesser-known, middling brother, Chad.

  • Report Finds Wisconsinites Pay More For Health Care Than Minnesotans

    Tomorrow is the deadline for signing up to receive health insurance by January 1st under the Affordable Care Act. Wisconsin is one of 20 states that have not expanded medicaid under that law and is one of 27 states that has not set up its own health care exchange.

    As the country wraps up its registrations for the coming year, Citizen Action of Wisconsin has a report that finds that Wisconsinites pay thousands of dollars more on average than Minnesotans for healthcare.

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