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It’s easy for parents to share pictures and stories of their kids on social media, but our guest says they should be cautious. We find out why we should think before posting. We also hear about this month’s coolest science discoveries. Plus, a closer look at why Purdue Pharma is declaring bankruptcy and what it means for ongoing settlement negotiations over the company’s role in the opioid epidemic.

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  • Rethinking What Parents Share About The Kids Online

    If you scroll through any social media site, you’re bound to see photos and stories of friends’ (or, even strangers’) kids. While it might seem like harmless and cute from a parental perspective, it could have unforeseen consequences for their children. We talk to a legal expert about about what parents should consider when sharing information about their kids on the internet.

  • Why Purdue Is Declaring Bankruptcy And What It Means For Opioid Lawsuit Settlement Negotiations

    Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy Sunday in a move to resolve thousands of lawsuits over the company’s role in the opioid epidemic. We talk about what happens next and what this latest move means for settlement talks that include Wisconsin.

  • Science News: Experiments On Plants, Saving Baby Flamingos, Advances In Paralysis Research

    In our check in with Discover Magazine, we discuss the state of paralysis research; saving baby flamingos in South Africa; and why some some scientists are skeptical of some plant research.

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