Paradise Papers, President Trump In Asia

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A slew of documents known as the Paradise papers shed light on international financial dealings, including between the U.S. Secretary of Commerce and a Russian shipping company. We look into the revelations. We also check up on President Trump’s trip to Asia, where he is negotiating on trade and relations with North Korea.

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  • What The Paradise Papers Reveal About Americans In Politics

    Millions of files with information on the world’s wealthy elite and their connection to offshore tax havens have been leaked to the press and are now being called the Paradise Papers. The Queen of England, members of President Trump’s inner circle, and businesses like Nike and Apple have all been connected to the leaked files. We talk to a reporter about what the Paradise Papers reveal about key players in American politics.

  • President Trump's Trip To Asia

    President Trump is in the middle of a 12-day trip to Asia. Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines all made the list of countries for the president to visit on this trip. He’s wrapping up his trip with a visit to the Philippines and its controversial president, Rodrigo Duterte. We talk to an expert about the trip so far and how she expects the visit with President Duterte to go.

    What kind of relationship would you like to see President Trump have with Asia? What do you think about the president’s trip to the region so far? How do you see Trump’s “America First” policy playing out in that part of the world?

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