The Pandemic’s Toll On Mothers, A Proposal For Ranked-Choice Voting In Wisconsin

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A parent placing a face mask on their child
In this June 10, 2020, file photo, Olivia Chan’s father helps her with a new mask she received during a graduation ceremony for her Pre-K class in front of Bradford School in Jersey City, N.J. Seth Wenig/AP Photo

A writer, and mother, discusses why a lot of moms are feeling — as data suggests — like failures during the pandemic. We talk about some causes, and some ways to reassure people of the great job they’re doing. Then a Democratic and a Republican Wisconsin state lawmaker tell us about the proposal they’re sponsoring that would establish ranked-choice voting in the state.

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  • The Pandemic Is Making Many Parents Feel Like Failures

    Mothers have experienced job loss disproportionately during this pandemic, in addition to showing increased levels of depression and anxiety in a number of polls and studies. We talk with a mother and author who says the pandemic has made many parents, especially mothers, feel more insecure about aspects of their parenting they were already concerned about.

  • Bipartisan Bill Would Bring Ranked-Choice Voting To Wisconsin

    Wisconsin’s Congressional members would be elected by ranked-choice voting under a new, bipartisan bill. We talk with two of its sponsors about how ranked-choice voting works, why they think it’s needed, and whether they’re seeing support from their colleagues.

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