Pandemic labor relations, Ballot drop boxes

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Wisconsin’s Capitol during Act 10 protests
Wisconsin’s Capitol building saw up to 100,000 protesters gather in February 2011 to voice opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial budget repair bill which sought to save taxpayers money by requiring employees to pay more for health care and retirement and stripping collective bargaining rights from most public employee unions. Richard Hurd (CC-BY)

A labor relations expert joins us to check in on worker strikes during the pandemic. Then, we learn the latest on where ballot drop boxes stand in Wisconsin with the help of a political science professor.

Featured in this Show

  • Labor unions and collective bargaining during the pandemic

    The last two years of the pandemic have seen a variety of labor unions go on strike across the country amid health and safety concerns and worker empowerment. We check in on the state of unions in 2022.

  • Ballot drop boxes back in play for Wisconsin's February primary

    Voters in the February 15 primary in Wisconsin will still have access to ballot drop boxes, thanks to a recent appeals court decision. We talk about who can use them and where, and whether we could see them used in future elections this year.

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