Pandemic censorship and misinformation, The return of grilling season

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China's President Xi Jinping
China’s President Xi Jinping, left. APEC 2013 (CC)

An author shares his new book looking at how the spread of information and misinformation worsened the pandemic. Then, we talk to a barbecue expert about the return of grilling season.

Featured in this Show

  • How censorship and misinformation made the pandemic worse

    A new book looks at how the control of information during the pandemic affected the impact of COVID-19 on the world. We talk to one of the authors about the role of censorship and misinformation around the world.

  • Food Friday: Grilling season

    In spite of the cold weather dragging on, it is technically spring, and grilling season is upon us. A professional BBQer helps us get inspired.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Trina La Susa Technical Director
  • Lorin Cox Producer
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Robert Mahoney Guest
  • Meathead Goldwyn Guest

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