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Coon Valley residents board canoe
Coon Valley residents Cory Mikshowsky, left, and Lorenzo Nickelotti board their canoe at the start of the Coon Creek Canoe Race on Aug. 24, 2019. Hope Kirwan/WPR

A non-profit group shares more about an outdoor education program its running in Milwaukee this week. Then, a sociologist makes the case that following your passions isn’t always the best idea. Later, a business writer helps us look at growing disparities in pay between recently hired workers and employees who haven’t left.

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  • 'Canoemobile' program promoting outdoor education in Milwaukee

    A Minnesota-based non-profit organization brought their “canoemobile” program to Milwaukee to promote outdoor learning. We find out how the program works and what it aims to do.

  • Following your passion may not always be the best idea

    It’s standard career advice to follow your passion — if you can, get paid to do what you love. A sociologist found there are unintended consequences to this advice, both systemically and for individuals. She shares her research on why following your passion isn’t necessarily a good idea.

  • Pay disparities between new-hires and workers who stayed put during Great Resignation

    The tight labor market has employers offering bigger salaries to attract new workers, and that’s creating big gaps in pay with the employees who never left. We’ll talk to a business writer about how companies and workers are dealing with the problem.

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