Origins of childlore, Best books of the year

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Dawn Peterson (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The songs, stories, and games of children make up their own world of folklore. We learn about where “childlore” came from and how it’s evolved over time. We also talk with a Wisconsin author about his favorite books of 2022.

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  • How nursery rhymes, schoolyard games and other pieces of childlore become shared kid culture

    Do you remember clapping along to “Miss Mary Mack” when you were little, or folding up a piece of paper to make a fortune-teller? Those are just two pieces of what’s called childlore. We talk to an Atlantic writer who recently explored what childlore is, and how it turns into shared kid culture.

  • BJ Hollars' favorite new books from 2022

    A UW-Eau Claire English professor shares some of his favorite new books, and we hear from listeners about what they’ve been reading all year.

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