Origins of body atoms, Improving our apologies

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Graphic of red blood cells and antibodies.
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We talk to the author of a book that explores the full history of what formed the atoms that would become human biological material. Then, we get advice on why it’s important to apologize and how to do it better.

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  • Where did what we're made of… come from?

    We take a journey learning about the history of our body’s atoms — and how they combine to make us who we are as humans.

    Content note: In a response to a question about the creation of elements, Dan said “Once the Big Bang happened, there was a huge amount of oxygen.” He meant to say “hydrogen.” Oxygen was created later in stars.

  • Sorry, but we need to learn to apologize better

    Awful celebrity non-apology apologies are a staple of our culture. Regular people can be pretty bad at apologizing, too. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Our guests have written a guide to how to give a truly good apology — and what to do when you’re not getting the apology you deserve.

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