Opting Out Of Standardized Tests, Earth Day Dinner, Marrying Across Class Boundaries

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How does marrying someone from a different socioeconomic background affect the relationship? Our guest explores how class differences influence marriages in surprising ways. We also learn about a dinner celebration for Earth Day and talk to an education reporter about Wisconsin students opting out of standardized tests.

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  • More Wisconsin Parents Opting Their Children Out Of Standardized Tests, Mirroring National Trend

    This year almost 5 percent of students in Madison are opting out of the state-mandated Badger Exam, a standardized test based on Common Core standards. This reflects a national trend of parents opting their children out of standardized tests. An education reporter from the Wisconsin State Journal discusses why parents are taking their children out of these tests and how it could affect the results.

  • Wisconsin Life: Earth Dinner

    In anticipation of Earth Day our guest will talk about the concept of an Earth Dinner, and how to put one together using seasonal organic foods from your area.

  • Challenges Of Marrying Across Class Boundaries

    As income inequality grows in prominence in the United States, what are the prospects for people marrying across class lines? A researcher looks at the unique challenges facing couples from different backgrounds.

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