The Opioid Epidemic’s Impact On Foster Care, Research Says Women Endure Higher Levels Of Stress

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The opioid epidemic is taking a toll on school districts and the foster care system, as displaced children move from place to place while their parents deal with addiction. We talk to two education reporters about the big picture. We also hear about new data that finds women experience higher stress levels than men.

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  • How Are The Education And Foster Care Systems Responding To The Opioid Epidemic?

    Schools and foster homes are being challenged as the opioid crisis leaves more children without parents in the home. We talk to two reporters about why those systems aren’t always doing enough give kids the support they need.

  • Why Women Report Being More Stressed Compared To Men

    New research finds that, on average, women report experiencing more stress compared to men. We speak with writer Kristen Wong about how professional expectations, home life, and emotional labor all compound stress for women.

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