Opioid Deaths In Milwaukee, Farm Equipment And Road Safety, Executive Nuclear Power

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A deadly accident in Lake Mills involving a combine joined a list of recent collisions between cars and farm vehicles in Wisconsin. An expert talks with us about why it’s a common problem and what to look for to drive safely with farm equipment on the roads. A guest also talks with us about a spike in opioid-related deaths in Milwaukee. Plus, we discuss calls in Congress to revise the President’s authority to order a nuclear attack.

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  • Opioid-related Deaths Spike In Milwaukee Community

    We talk to a reporter about the rise of opioid-related deaths in the Milwaukee community.

  • Avoiding Accidents Between Cars And Farm Equipment

    Earlier this month, an accident involving an SUV and a farm combine in Lake Mills left three people dead. During harvest season in Wisconsin, the risk for such accidents is especially high. An agricultural safety expert is with us to talk about different measures that have been taken to improve roadway safety and share tips on safe driving near farm equipment.

  • Should The President Have Full Control Of Nuclear Weapons In The US?

    Today, a Senate committee is reviewing whether or not the President of the United States should have unilateral control over the use of the country’s nuclear weapons. Should Congress or the military also have a say? A politics and foreign policy expert weighs in.

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