Open Records Overhaul Taken Out Of The Budget, Milwaukee Homicides Have Doubled, History Of Bikes And Cars Sharing The Road

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Homicide deaths in Milwaukee have doubled since this time last year, and community leaders are looking for solutions. Our guest covers the current situation, and explores initiatives aimed at stopping the violence. We also look back on the complicated history of bikes and cars sharing our nation’s roads, and we get the latest on a controversial budget measure that would overhaul the state’s open records laws, just removed by Republican legislative leaders.

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  • Governor Walker And Republican Legislative Leaders Drop Open Records Overhaul From State Budget

    On Saturday Governor Scott Walker and Republican legislative leaders announced they would remove a controversial budget measure that would overhaul Wisconsin’s open records requests. A state capitol reporter from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gives an update on this measure and if he thinks it will pop back up in the future.

  • Update On Arena Plans For The Milwaukee Bucks

    WPR’s state government reporter discusses the latest developments in the proposed arena deal for the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • Cars And Cycles: A Bumpy History Of Sharing The Road

    These days, putting bikes and cars on the same road is a receipe for conflict. But how did this come to be? A professor traces the history of the conflict between motorists and cyclists…and if a middle ground can ever be reached.

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