Open Government Group Files Complaint Against Public Records Board, Argument For Changing Campaign Finance Laws, This Year’s Best Wisconsin Music

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Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig started a short-lived presidential campaign earlier this year based solely on the issue of changing campaign finance and voting laws. He joins us to make the case for changing the laws. We also look at some of the best music to come out of Wisconsin in 2015, and we talk to the head of an open government organization about why they filed a complaint against the Public Records Board.

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  • Complaint Filed Against Public Records Board For Not Following Wisconsin Open Meetings Law

    An open government group filed a complaint Monday alleging the Public Records Board changed the definition of “transitory” records in violation of Wisconsin’s open meetings law. We talk to the head of this group about why he filed the complaint and what he hopes will come of it.

  • Lawrence Lessig Talks Money In Politics

    He may no longer be running for President, but he still has plenty to say about the American political system. Lawrence Lessig is a Harvard Law professor and author of “Republic Lost, The Corruption of Equality and the Steps to End It.” He is a former candidate for the 2016 democratic nomination and ran on a platform of eliminating the influence of money in politics.

  • The Best Wisconsin Music Of 2015

    2015 was a great year for music made in Wisconsin. We’ll talk to a music writer about his favorite music to come out of the state in 2015.

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