Open Enrollment Begins Tomorrow Amid Political Fight Over ACA, A Year In The Boundary Waters, Transgender Military Ban

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We talk with the authors of “A Year in the Wilderness.” They share the experiences they had during their time exploring the boundary waters north of Minnesota, a region they found to be beautiful and fragile. We also look at a federal judge’s block on the White House policy barring transgender troops from serving in the military. And, the 2018 open enrollment period begins tomorrow. We’ll speak with a local non-profit leader about looking for health insurance as the fight over the ACA continues on Capitol Hill.

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  • Open Enrollment Begins Tomorrow Amid Political Fight Over ACA

    The open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act marketplace begins on November 1 as the fight over the future of the ACA continues in Washington. We speak with Bobby Peterson, Executive Director of ABC for Health, about getting health insurance amid political turmoil.

  • Bearing Witness In The Boundary Waters

    Our guests spent one year in the boundary waters of Northern Minnesota to chronicle the the beauty and fragility of the region. We talk with the authors of A Year in the Wilderness.

  • Court Partially Blocks Trump's Transgender Military Ban

    A federal judge blocked part of a Trump administration policy that banned military service by transgender troops. The block is temporary and only affects portions of the White House policy on transgender service members. We get a retired U.S. army colonel and transgender rights advocate’s take on the issue.

    What are your thoughts on who should be allowed to serve in the military? And should the policy come from the military leaders themselves, or from the legislative or administrative branches of government?

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