Oneida nation history, Sobriety at Lambeau Field, Species extinction

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Oneida Chairman Tehassi Hill
Oneida Chairman Tehassi Hill speaks at the annual State of the Tribes address Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. Phoebe Petrovic/WPR

An Oneida Nation official joins us to share the 200-year history of the tribe in Wisconsin. Then, we learn more about a sober section at Green Bay Packers home games. Later, an author shares her book on what the extinction of species teach us about humanity and grief.

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  • Oneida Nation celebrates 200 years in Wisconsin after forced relocation

    2022 marked 200 years of the Oneida Nation in Wisconsin. We learn more about the tribe’s history in the state and how they were relocated here.

  • Why there's a 'sober section' at Lambeau Field

    We learn about a section of sober support at Lambeau Field, and how it’s been going this season.

  • Endlings: What the last of a species can teach us about grief and extinction

    Endlings are the last individual of a species — like Lonesome George the Pinta tortoise and QiQi the baiji. We talk to the author of a book about what endlings reveal about grief and the power humans hold amid the Earth’s sixth mass extinction.

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