One Day In America, Elk And CWD, Week In Washington

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We’re joined by a journalist who picked one random date to write an entire book about. He tells us about the events he discovered from December 28, 1986. We also look at the risk Chronic Wasting Disease poses to the state’s elk population. Plus, a look at the latest in the impeachment inquiry.

Featured in this Show

  • There's No Such Thing As a Boring Day In America

    A journalist decided to choose a date at random and research what happened in that 24-hour period. The date was December 28, 1986, and he spent six years researching those events. We hear about the tragic, funny, and poignant happenings, and what he learned from the exercise.

  • How CWD Could Impact Wisconsin's Elk Population

    With Wisconsin’s wild elk population numbering only in the hundreds, some are concerned about the risk chronic wasting disease may pose to the animal. We learn more from the associate editor of WisContext who’s been following the issue.

  • This Week In Washington – November 27, 2019

    Congressional leaders continue to work out the specifics of the USMCA trade agreement. We find out what’s at issue and when it might come up for a vote. We also talk about the latest in the impeachment inquiry and new entries into the 2020 presidential campaign.

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  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
  • Dean Knetter Producer
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