Oil Train Fire Sparks New Interest In Stronger Safety Regulations, Wisconsin Bird Survey, A University’s Responsibility

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Is a university’s purpose to prepare students for the working world, or should there be a greater mission to strive for? Our guest argues that the concept of a liberal arts education is outdated, and colleges should focus on making their students employable. We also get the story behind the DNR’s effort to create the largest bird survey in history, and discuss how an oil train car accident in West Virginia is renewing interest in stronger safety regulations.

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  • Oil Train Fire Sparks New Interest In Stronger Safety Regulations

    On Monday a train carrying more than 100 tank cars full of crude oil from the North Dakota Ballen formation derailed in West Virginia, causing explosions and train cars to spill into the nearby Kanawa River. A reporter who covers energy and the environment discusses how this latest accident is renewing calls for stronger safety regulations for oil train cars.

  • Wisconsin To Launch Largest Statewide Bird Survey Ever, And You Can Help

    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and various state birding groups are coming together to launch the largest bird survey in state history. The coordinator behind Wisconsin’s Breeding Bird Atlas II talks about the information the survey is looking to collect, and how amateur birdwatchers can get involved.

  • The UW's Mission Should Be About Making Students Employable

    Amid the flap over the the UW-System’s “Wisconsin Idea,” our guest says higher education should be about making students employable. What’s more he says, the UW’s outdated idea of a liberal arts education is costing students money and pushing back their graduation date.

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