Officer-Involved Shootings, Barbie’s Clothing, High School ‘Grading Floors’

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Barbie doll clothing
Great Shape Barbie Doll Photo: PC Mattel Archival Photographs

A Madison high school is experimenting with a “grading floor,” or a minimum score on exams. We find out what’s behind the idea. We also talk with the woman who designed Barbie’s outfits for more than 50 years. And we talk about an uptick in fatal officer-involved shootings in Wisconsin in 2019.

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  • Wisconsin Sees Rise In Fatal Officer-Involved Shootings In 2019

    So far this year there have been 16 fatal officer-involved shootings in Wisconsin, surpassing last year’s total by three. We discuss why, including a string of recent police shootings across the state.

  • The Woman Behind Barbie's Iconic Looks

    Mattel’s Barbie doll is an iconic toy and childhood favorite to many, but she wouldn’t be the same without her stylish outfits and accessories. Our guest tells us what it was like to design for Barbie from the beginning and as Mattel grew as a company.

  • Madison High School Experimenting With 'Grading Floors'

    For some Madison high school students, getting every question wrong or failing to turn in homework assignments will not result in a zero, but a 40 percent. We look at the thinking behind so-called “grading floors” and other changes being tried out at the high school level.

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