Occupy Movement’s Wisconsin Roots, High Beef Prices, Tony Robinson’s Family Doesn’t Trust The State Investigation Into His Shooting, Teaching Offenders Important Skills

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The price of beef has nearly doubled since 2010, and experts say it could be a while before the market returns to normal. We get the story behind the rising cost of beef. We also learn how the beginnings of the “Occupy” movement relate to Wisconsin, and we talk to a reporter about a press conference in which Tony Robinson’s family say they don’t trust the state investigation into his shooting. Then we ask you what you wish you could say to the Badgers. Finally, we hear the second part of a report on the importance of teaching skills to young offenders.

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  • Did The Occupy Movement Actually Start In Wisconsin?

    While traveling the country in the run-up to a likely presidential bid, Governor Walker has asserted that the Occupy movement has its origins in Madison, Wisconsin. We ask an expert on social movements whether that is actually the case.

  • Tony Robinson's Family Say They Don't Trust The State's Investigation Into His Shooting

    On March 6th, Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny shot and killed 19-year-old Tony Robinson on Madison’s East Side. Because the shooting involved police, Wisconsin law dictates an outside agency conduct an investigation into the incident. Tony Robinson’s family initially said they trusted the state investigation, but at a press conference Monday their spokesperson said they’d lost faith in the process. A reporter talks about the press conference and the latest news on the shooting.

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