NYC Attack And ‘Extreme Vetting’, Natural Disaster Class, Living With A Disability

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Yesterday’s deadly attack in New York City led President Trump to renew calls for the “extreme vetting” of immigrants. We find out what that would look like and if it could prevent future attacks. We’ll look at the science behind natural disasters. And for those living with a physical disability, time seems to pass at a different pace. Our guest talks about the challenges of performing everyday tasks and how she’s dealt with a slower lifestyle.

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  • President Trump Renews Calls For Increased Vetting And Ending The Diversity Visa Program After New York City Attack

    Tuesday’s attack in New York City prompted President Donald Trump to renew his calls for extreme vetting of immigrants. On Tuesday afternoon, an Uzbeck national allegedly drove a truck down a bike path in New York, killing at least eight people. During a White House Cabinet meeting today, the president said he is starting the process to end the diversity lottery system. On Wednesday, he tweeted that the man allegedly responsible for yesterday’s attack came into the U.S. as part of the diversity lottery program. In the wake of the attack, the president also tweeted that he wants to step up the extreme vetting program in immigration policy. We talk to an expert about these suggested changes to U.S. immigration policy and politically viable they are.

  • A Timely Class On The Science Of Disasters

    In a season of wildfires and hurricanes, there’s a hunger for more understanding of the science behind natural disasters. A UW-Madison science professor talk about his new class that looks at the scientific underpinnings behind a variety of disasters.

  • Living With A Disability Means Nothing Runs Like Clockwork

    For people with disabilities, every little life routine is never routine. Completing what would be a simple task by an able-bodied person can take much, much longer for someone living with a disability. A work deadline or a spontaneous idea to meet someone for dinner – these aren’t necessarily achievable. We talk with a UW-Madison associate professor of English about living this life and how she maneuvers through a world that doesn’t understand why she can’t be in sync with schedules and fit into the norm.

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