Nuclear Nightmares, Immigration Update, Orphan Dishes

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Gene Purcell and Veronica Rueckert discuss the status of nuclear proliferation today, check in on the immigration debate, and reconsider ways to prepare foods that nobody likes.

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  • Reporter Says Congress Could Tackle Some Immigration Reform Issues

    Although sweeping immigration reform seems to be off the table in the U.S. House of Representatives, there might still be hope for reform movement this legislative session, at least in part, according to a USA Today reporter.

    Alan Gomez, an immigration reporter for the newspaper, said House Speaker John Boehner has asked U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham to gauge interest in immigration reform in a piecemeal effort.

    Gomez said that although Boehner said he wouldn’t pass the U.S. Senate’s comprehensive bill, he is still encouraging the House to address immigration reform through five House bills still under consideration. The bills address immigration enforcement, increasing the number of visas given to foreign workers, but none of them deal with the issue of citizenship.

    “There’s a lot of resistance to that in some of the more conservative corners of the House,” said Gomez.

  • Avoiding a Nuclear Nightmare

    The cold war may be over, but there are still 17,000 nuclear weapons in the world today. Our guest surveys the best thinking and worst fears about about possible outcomes and nuclear proliferation.

  • Immigration Update

    USA Today immigration reporter shares updates on immigration reform in the House after Speaker Boehner said earlier in the week that the House had no intention of voting on the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill.

  • Food Friday: Orphan Dishes

    This Food Friday, we learn how to make “orphan dishes”–those foods that no one touches on the holiday table–more popular. Orphan dishes include, but are not limited to, brussel sprouts, green beans, yams, and cranberry sauce.

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