NPR’s New Ethics Policy, CampBUILD For Girls, New Thunderstorm Warnings

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NPR recently released an update to its ethics policy, allowing journalists to attend public protests in certain situations. We look at the changes, and discuss the evolving state of journalism ethics. Then, we hear about a camp for girls at Madison College that aims to introduce them to construction tools and working in the trades. And, we talk to a meteorologist from the National Weather Service Green Bay about the agency’s new alert for severe thunderstorms.

Featured in this Show

  • A Look At NPR's Updated Ethics Policy For Journalists

    NPR now says its journalists can participate in certain demonstrations as long as their bosses says it’s OK. We dive into NPR’s updated ethics policy and where the lines are drawn between journalism, activism and conflicts of interest.

  • Madison College's CampBUILD Gets Girls Involved In The Trades

    Power tools, hammers and concrete slabs are all part of the curriculum at Madison College’s CampBUILD. We hear from a camp instructor about the camp’s effort to introduce girls to work in construction and the trades.

  • A Look At New Categories Of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings

    The next time there’s severe weather in your area, you may receive a different kind of alert. We talk about some new categories of thunderstorm warnings the National Weather Service is introducing and how they may keep you safer and more informed.

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