Noodle cookbook, PFAs cleanup challenges

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curry noodles
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The authors of a noodle cookbook tell us how to make the most out of our pasta. Then, the mayor of Wausau tells us about the PFAs water contamination problems facing the city, and a water law professor shares how the Department of Natural Resources is dealing with the issue.

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  • Food Friday: All noodles, all the time

    Spaghetti, vermicelli, bucatini, lo mein: who doesn’t love a big bowl of carb-y noodles? We talk to two card-carrying noodle lovers about their new cookbook “That Noodle Life.”

  • When state rulemaking holds up contamination cleanup

    Wausau’s mayor talks with us about the “forever chemicals” problems facing the city. Then we talk with a water policy expert in the wake of a Waukesha County judge’s ruling earlier this week that the state Department of Natural Resources may not force businesses to clean up toxic waste involving chemicals including PFAS, until there’s a state statute for it.

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