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This week’s edition of Food Friday teaches us how to make cocktails without alcohol. Then, a student loan and education finance expert joins us to look at a new Biden administration program aimed at college debt.

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  • Food Friday: Making non-alcoholic cocktails

    Mocktails. Zero-proof. NA. Spirit-free. Whatever you call them, non-alcoholic mixed drinks are having a moment. The author of Zero Proof shows us how to serve up NA cocktails that are just as tasty and sophisticated as their boozy counterparts.

  • How Biden's SAVE plan fits could affect student loans

    After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a Biden administration program for student loan relief, President Joe Biden is out with an alternative plan. The Department of Education is calling the Saving on Valuable Education plan the “most generous” repayment program of its kind. A University of Wisconsin-Madison education professor gives an update on federal student loan policy.

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  • Richelle Wilson Producer
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