NFL Demons, Chemicals In Lake Michigan, How Not To Get Hacked

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With football season upon us, Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert talk with a sportwriter about whether the NFL can overcome its demons. Plus, why pharmaceuticals are showing up in Lake Michigan and how to protect your online passwords and avoid being hacked.

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  • The Demons of Football

    After the first Packers game of the season, has the NFL confronted its demons? A sportswriter explores how the concussion controversy and violent crime may impact the football season.

  • Chemicals Found Lake Michigan At Concentrations Above Environmental Concern

    Pharmaceuticals and personal care products were found in Lake Mihcigan at levels of environmental risk by a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. The environmental risk of personal care products in large lake systems, such as the Great Lakes, has been questioned due to high dilution; however, the concentrations found in this study, indicate a significant threat to the health of the Great Lakes, particularly near shore organisms.

  • How Not To Get Hacked

    Our email accounts and online accounts are easy to hack. WPR tech guy Kevin Trueblood shares some advice on how to protect our passwords.

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