News From Washington, Getting Rid Of Tips For Restaurant Workers

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Server Zachary DeYoung carries a tray of food
Server Zachary DeYoung carries a tray of food at an Ivar’s restaurant in Seattle on Monday, July 27, 2015. Elaine Thompson/AP Photo

A Washington reporter joins the show to talk about President Biden’s coming plans to address an uptick in violent crime, and why the administration hasn’t been able to meet its own vaccination goals. Then, we talk to an economist about why some restaurants in the Eau Claire area are raising their minimum wages and getting rid of tips.

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  • Washington News: June 23, 2021

    On Tuesday evening, Republicans blocked Democrats’ voting reform bill. We’ll talk about what happens next, how the move impacts pressure to get rid of the filibuster and President Biden’s efforts to reduce violent crime.

  • Some Eau Claire Bars And Restaurants Raising Wages, Eliminating Tips

    A group of bars and restaurants in Eau Claire are raising their minimum wage to $16 per hour and getting rid of tips. We talk about the motivation behind the change and what it could mean for employees who had been working on a tipped wage.

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