Michigan To Challenge Waukesha Over Water Plan, Madison On WIsconsin Powwow, Cooking With Mint

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Native American students from UW-Madison are set to host the 47th On Wisconsin Annual Spring Powwow aimed at bringing together the state’s native community and sharing the culture with the public. An organizer discusses the importance of the gathering. We also learn some tasty recipes featuring mint, andMichigan is crying foul over Waukesha plan to divert water from Lake Michigan.

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  • Michigan Challenging Waukesha Over Its Plan To Source Water From Lake Michigan

    The Wisconsin city of Waukesha has had a plan in motion to divert water from Lake Michigan as its water source. This plan has some members of the Great Lakes Compact crying foul, most recently, Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette. Peter Annin, author of “The Great Lakes Water Wars” and the co-director of the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation at Northland College joins us on Central Time to talk about the news.

  • The On Wisconsin Annual Spring Powwow

    On April 2nd and 3rd, the 47th On Wisconsin Annual Spring Powwow takes place at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. Last year’s powwow attracted more than three thousand people. We speak to a member of Wunk Sheek, UW-Madison’s American Indian student organization, which hosts the powwow, about what this year’s event will be like.

  • Food Friday: Cooking with Mint

    It’s a versatile herb that you can find in your dinner, drinks, or dessert. Mint is in season, and this Food Friday, we talk to Bon Appetit’s senior associate web editor and classically trained cook, Rochelle Bilow, about how you can work mint into some of your spring recipes.

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