News, Is Fanfiction Going Mainstream? Weekly News Roundup

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Is Fanfiction the next big thing in publishing? An English professor explores reasons for the genre’s popularity. We also review the week’s Wisconsin news headlines, and speak with Sen. Lena Taylor about racial disparities and criminal justice in Milwaukee and the state.

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  • Sen. Lena Taylor Discusses Racial Disparities In Milwaukee

    When it comes to racial disparities and criminal justice, Wisconsin stands out. Wisconsin is the worst state in the country to be a black kid, according to the national Race to Results study looking at things like education and income. The state has the highest rate of black male incarceration in the country. At 13 percent, it is double the national average. Recent protests around the country have put racial issues like these into greater focus. State Senator Lena Taylor from Milwaukee weighs in.

  • With Numerous Book Deals, Fanfiction Now Finding Mainstream Success

    While fanfiction (literary work written by fans of certain stories, series or characters) has been around for some time, some think it could be the next big hit in the publishing world, thanks to series like Fifty Shades of Grey, which began as fanfiction. An English professor explores the world of fanfiction, and its chances of mainstream success.

  • State News Roundup For December 5th, 2014

    WPR’s news director discusses what’s making headlines this week in Wisconsin, including talk of right to work legislation.

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