News From Around The State, ‘Ideal Body Type’ For Women Becoming More Extreme, ‘Heartland’ Visas To Help Support Rural Economies

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In this Sunday, March 24, 2019, photograph, shoppers enter a Shopko store past the signs that the location is closing in Torrington, Wyo. (David Zalubowski/AP Photo)

While Shopko stores wil be closing nationwide, Shopko’s eyecare centers could continue to operate in several cities if the sole bid for the business is approved. We find out more about that story and other Wisconsin news on the roundup. We also hear how the ideal female body image has shifted to be even more out-of-touch with average women, and we talk about a proposal that could location-based visas to immigrants in order to support rural areas.

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  • State News Roundup – April 19, 2019

    Shopko’s optical business was bought at auction this week. We find out what it means for customers and employees. A reporter tells us about how Port Washington parish lost $510,000 to a sophisticated finanical scam. We also hear what Wisconsinites had to say about a proposed plan to limit CWD.

  • 'Ideal' Female Body Type Suggests Women Should Be Muscular AND Thin

    While most women have long been aware of the generally unrealistic body types portrayed in media (usually impossibly thin, long legged types), what culture views as the ‘ideal body type’ might actually be getting harder to attain. We talk with a researcher about why being both thin and visibly muscular is in, and just what kind of pressure that places on women.

  • Could Something Called A 'Heartland Visa' Help Wisconsin's Population Loss?

    Over the last decade in Wisconsin, many of the state’s metro areas have seen increases in population while rural areas have generally seen their populations decline, according to Census data analyzed by the Wisconsin State Journal. We talk to the author of a new report that says something called the ‘Heartland visa’ may help.

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