News, Politifact On State Supreme Court Race, Words You’re Mispronouncing

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As the state Supreme Court election nears, Politifact Wisconsin has been busy checking statements from both candidates. A fact-checker joins us to discuss whether or not either of the candidates’ pants are on fire. We also talk about some commonly mispronounced words, and cover an important news story.

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  • Politifact Check In On The Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

    On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters will decide if JoAnne Kloppenburg or Rebecca Bradley will be the next Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We talk to the editor of Politifact Wisconsin about how truthful the candidates are being.

  • Everyday Words We're Mispronouncing

    We’re joined by language expert Martha Barnette who walks us through some everyday words we’re still mispronouncing.

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  • Veronica Rueckert Producer
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