New UW Sexual Violence Task Force, Secret Origins Of Drones. This Week In Wisconsin

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Drones are changing everything from how countries fight wars to how the news is reported. We take a look at the secret origins of these game changers. Then we roundup the week’s news in Wisconsin politics and get details on the UW-Sytem’s new sexual violence and harassment task force.

Featured in this Show

  • UW-Sytem Assembles Sexual Violence Task Force

    The UW-System announced yesterday that it’s creating a task force to combat sexual violence and harassment on campus. One of the task force co-chairs shares details.

  • The History Of The Predator Drone, And How It's Forever Altered Aviation And Warfare

    The Predator drone has forever changed how the United States approaches aviation and warfare. An author talks about the history of the drone, and what the future might hold for it.

  • State News Round-Up For September 26th 2014

    WPR’s assistant news director joins us for a look at what’s making news in Wisconsin, including the latest turn-around on the state’s John Doe investigation.

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