New Supreme Court Session, First Wisconsinites: Education

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Today, we start a week-long series exploring modern Native American life in Wisconsin. We talk to the director of an Indian community school in Milwaukee and learn about a school in Hayward revitalizing the Ojibwe language. We also preview the cases being considered in the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming session, including Wisconsin’s gerrymandering case.

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  • Supreme Court To Consider Pivotal Cases This Term

    The U.S. Supreme Court will begin what is expected to be one of its most pivotal terms in decades. This term, the bench is expected to consider cases on immigration, religious liberty, voting rights and more.

    What supreme court cases are you most concerned with this year? How do you want the Supreme Court to rule on issues like gerrymandering, religious liberty, and immigration?

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  • Indian Community School In Milwaukee Has Many Native Populations Within Its Walls [Audio Only]

    Students from many different tribes attend the Indian Community School in Milwaukee. In our series, “First Wisconsinites: Dispatches From Native American Life In Wisconsin Today,” we speak to the school’s director about what it’s like to have such a diverse Native population at the school. We also learn about what the cultural curriculum is like.

  • The Role Of Waadookodaading School In The International Indigenous Language Revitalization Community [Audio Only]

    In our series, “First Wisconsinites: Dispatches From Native American Life In Wisconsin Today,” we learn about the international reputation of the Waadookodaading Ojibwe Language Institute near Hayward. The institute is known as the leader of the Ojibwe language revitalization movement in the global community.

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