New Report Says Amending Wisconsin’s Expunge Law Could Boost State Workforce, Raising Children To Be Good People, America Has A Truck Driver Shortage

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America’s truck driving companies are desperate for workers, offering sign-on bonuses, wage raises and other amenities. We talk to an expert to learn what’s at the root of this 51,000 driver shortage. We also talk to a Wisconsin author about what it’s like to try to raise respectable boys in the era of #metoo and take a look at a new report that says allowing people with some prior convictions to seal them from public records could boot the state’s workforce.

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  • Amending Wisconsin's Expunge Law Could Boost State Workforce, According To Report

    A new report from the Wisconsin Policy Institute found that a state law regulating when someone can or cannot seal a criminal conviction from public records could be stunting the state’s workforce. We speak with Joe Peterangelo, Senior Researcher for the Wisconsin Policy Institute, about the findings and how changes to the law could impact the state’s economy.

  • How To Raise Sons To Be Good Men In The #MeToo Era

    There are many areas of parenting that require improvisation and creative solutions– cough syrup popsicles, vitamins hidden in ketchup, evolutionary stain removal hacks, etc. But when it comes to raising kids, there’s no hack for insuring they’ll grow up to be good people. We talk to a Wisconsin author and dad of two boys about what it takes to raise empathetic, respectful men in the era of #metoo.

  • A Look At America's Truck Driver Shortage

    According to the American Trucking Associations, the U.S. needs 51,000 more truck drivers to meet demand – and it doesn’t expect the situation to improve in the coming years. We examine what’s causing the shortage and how the problem is affecting all Americans, drivers and non-drivers alike.

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