New Online Sales Tax Potential, Compulsive Video Game Playing Classified As Mental Health Issue, United States Pulls Out Of United Nations’ Human Rights Council

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Gov. Scott Walker is calling for returning any potential revenue from internet sales taxes to taxpayers. We examine how the state could proceed following a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Plus, the World Health Organization recently classified compulsive video game playing as a mental health issue. We talk to a Wisconsin health expert about this new declaration. We also find out more about how the white house’s decision to leave the United Nation’s Human Rights Council will impact the world.

Featured in this Show

  • Internet Sales Tax Potential For Wisconsin

    Gov. Scott Walker says any windfall from taxing internet purchases should be returned to the “hard-working taxpayers.” We discuss the potential for new revenue following last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn a ruling that barred states from collecting sales taxes on out-of-state online retailers.

  • WHO Declares Video Game Addiction A Mental Health Problem

    Video game addiction is now recognized as a standalone mental health issue by the World Health Organization. We speak with child and family therapist Jeff Reiland of Gundersen Health about the news and what the designation from the WHO might mean for treatment in the future.

  • The US Leaves United Nations Human Rights Council

    The United States is withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council citing anti-Israel bias and other political issues. Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the decision last week. We talk to Michael Schroeder of American University’s School of International Service about the move and what it could mean the U.S. diplomacy moving forward.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
  • Matthew DeFour Guest
  • Jeff Reiland Guest
  • Michael Schroeder Guest
  • J. Carlisle Larsen Interviewer

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