New Idea For Public Employee Unions, Second Careers, How Immigration Affects The Economy

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A major talking point on the presidential campaign trail recently has been immigration, and how to deal with it. Our guest economist takes a look at all the ways immigrants affect America’s economy. We also discuss a plan that would return some bargaining power to Wisconsin’s public employees, and learn about a couple who ventured into the ice cream business after losing their jobs.

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  • A European Idea As An Alternative To Act 10

    On Labor Day, our guest says the Wisconsin legislature should consider an alternative to Act 10, the politically contentious bill that ended collective bargaining rights for most public employee unions. He explains his idea, which is from Germany, and why he thinks it would work in Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin Life: Second Careers

    In today’s Wisconsin Life we’ll hear about a couple who started a second career after losing their jobs…they got into the ice cream business. And we’ll learn about the programs offered at UW-Madison for adult learners looking to continue their education.

  • How Does Immigration Affect The U.S. Economy?

    On Labor Day, with immigration at the forefront of national political debate, we look at how immigration affects the American workforce and economy.

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