New Human-Like Species, Policing Lambeau Field, Dining Alone On The Rise

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Packer fans are ready for this year’s football season to begin, and local police are prepared too. An investigative reporter shows us everything that goes into policing the frozen tundra. We also discuss a report that says Americans are eating alone more than ever before, and we hear about a newly discovered human-like species in South Africa.

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  • Researchers Announce New Human-Like Species: Homo Naledi

    Scientists in South Africa welcomed a new species into the human family tree this morning. Its name: Homo naledi. It’s slim and stands at under five feet tall with feet and hands similar to humans and a brain a third the size of ours, according to researchers.

    The bones of at least 15 individuals were found together in a remote cave, suggesting the possibility of a ritual burial ground. The more than 1,500 well-preserved bones and teeth represent the largest, most complete set of its kind ever found in Africa.

    Two University of Wisconsin researchers were on hand during the excavation: paleoanthropologist John Hawks and doctoral candidate Alia Gurtov.

  • Policing The Frozen Tundra

    As the NFL season kicks off, a new report looks at law enforcement at Lambeau Field–finding out what kind of police presence is at each home game, and what kind of crimes they encounter.

  • The Rise Of Eating Alone In America

    According to a new report from the Food Marketing Institute, nearly half of all meals and snacks are now eaten alone. We hear about the rise of dining solo and what it says about our society today.

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