New Fungi Technology, Lumberjack Songs, The Financial Health Of Americans

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The lumberjack camps of 19th and early 20th Century Wisconsin produced more than timber. They were also wellsprings of unique music. A researcher shares some of the most interesting lumberjack tunes he’s discovered. New numbers show that half of Americans spend their entire paycheck, or more, after receiving it. We hear where the money is going and what it means for the economy. We also learn about UW’s new method of researching fungi that could speed up the discovery of new medicines.

Featured in this Show

  • New Technology Targeting Fungi Could Speed Up Drug-Discovery Process

    New technology developed in part by UW-Madison researchers is speeding up the discovery time for new molecules from fungi. We’ll find out how it works and why fungi are a potential-rich place to look for new disease-fighting agents.

  • Pinery Boys: Songs And Songcatching In The Lumberjack Era

    We learn about songs and songcatching from the lumberjack era, focusing in on Wisconsin’s lumberjack history.

  • New Study Shows Most Americans Are Living On The Financial Edge

    A new study from the Center for Financial Services Innovation found that nearly half of all Americans reported that their expenses were equal to or greater than their income. We speak with Jennifer Tescher, President and CEO of CFSI, about the study and financial health.

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