New ‘Food Traditions’ of Wisconsin Life, Wisconsin’s budget surplus and tax cuts, Trivia at Lawrence and Stevens Point

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Katherine Denomie makes frybread
This week, “Wisconsin Life” producers kick off the latest series of “Food Traditions” episodes on WPR and PBS Wisconsin.

We get a taste of the new series of “Food Traditions” from PBS Wisconsin and WPR’s “Wisconsin Life” teams. Then a public administration expert explains the latest state Republican tax cut proposals as well as a projected decline in Wisconsin’s budget surplus. Then two trivia masters tell us what excites them about asking fun and challenging questions in their unique contest formats.

Featured in this Episode

  • "Food Traditions" series returns

    Producers from WPR and PBS Wisconsin preview their radio and TV episodes that debuted this week, and encourage us to connect with each other and other cultures through food.

  • Tax cut proposal and Wisconsin's budget surplus explained

    The 2023-2025 biennial state budget is projected to have a $3.25 billion surplus at the end of the current budget cycle less than what was initially predicted, and Wisconsin Democrats and Republicans disagree on how to spend that surplus. A public policy expert joins us to analyze recent Republican tax cut proposals and how they compare to Democratic priorities.

  • Wisconsin trivia contests

    Trivia masters from two of the state’s long-running trivia contests — at Lawrence University and WWSP Stevens Point 90FM — tell us about their events and why trivia continues to excited people after decades.

Episode Credits

  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Kelly Saran Guest
  • Maureen McCollum Guest
  • Mike Ford Guest
  • Maddie Guest Guest
  • Jim Oliva Guest
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Beatrice Lawrence Producer

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