New Course For Combatting Emotional And Psychological Pandemic Effects, Talking About Talismans, Title IX Rules Changes

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A sexual assault kit
This Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017 photo shows a sexual assault evidence collection kit at Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County in Fayetteville, N.C. Gerry Broome/AP Photo

We learn about an online opportunity out of Oregon State University for people to seek help navigating emotional and psychological COVID-19 impacts. Then a reporter shares some stories he’s heard from people about their good-luck charms. And we talk to an education reporter about the latest changes the Department of Education handed down that will impact the handling of sexual assault claims on college campuses.

Featured in this Show

  • Online Course Takes On Psychological Impact Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

    People around the world are dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. A new online course at Oregon State University offers anyone the opportunity to examine the emotional and psychological effects that can occur, even without contracting COVID-19.

  • Lucky Objects and Treasured Heirlooms Bring Comfort In Times Of Uncertainty

    Whether or not we’re superstitious, many of us have objects we treasure, that we keep close when we need a little luck or comfort — whether it’s a pocket-sized charm, a family member’s old sweater or a four leaf clover. We talk with a reporter about lucky talismans and what objects his interviewees hold close.

  • Changes To Title IX Rules Will Impact Sexual Assault Cases On College Campuses

    The Department of Education’s final list of changes to Title IX gives more rights to university students accused of sexual assault. We talk with a higher education reporter about why the changes were made, and what it means for students and schools investigating assault claims.

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