New Birth Control Guidelines For Teens, UN Women He For She Campaign

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The American Academy of Pediatrics just released new guidelines for primary birth control options for teens. We talk to one of the authors about why the guidelines changed and what this could mean for teens. Then we learn about the new He For She campaign, which aims to include men in feminism.

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  • Pediatricians Group Issues New Birth Control Guidelines For Teens

    Doctors should recommend an IUD–an intrauterine device–as a primary option for birth control for teens, according to new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics. One of the authors of the new guidelines explains the decision.

  • UN Women Launches He For She Campaign To Get Men Involved In Feminism

    In her latest speech to the United Nations, UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson announced the He For She initiative. It aims to include men into the conversation and fight for equal gender rights. A women’s studies expert discusses He For She and the benefits of including men in feminism.

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