New Bills Aimed At Wisconsin Prisons, Creating Any Climate In Wisconsin, People Of Rural Wisconsin

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It may be cold and dry around most of Wisconsin right now, but a UW-Madison research lab is able to create conditions found in rainforests, deserts and just about any other climate. Our guest shares the history and purpose behind the UW Biotron. We also hear some stories from the People of Rural Wisconsin project, and looked at new state legislation aimed at fixing staffing and overtime issues, among other problems, at Wisconsin prisons.

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  • New Democratic Legislation Looks At Staffing Shortages, Other Issues At Wisconsin Prisons

    A Democratic state senator is introducing a handful of bill this week, aimed at addressing staffing shortages and other problems at Wisconsin prisons. A state government reporter looks at what the legislation would do.

  • From Frozen Tundra To Scorching Desert–All In One Building

    A researcher shares the secrets of UW-Madison’s Biotron–a unique research lab that can recreate ecological conditions from Arctic to rainforest and everything in between.

  • The People Of Rural Wisconsin Project

    The project director for People of Rural Wisconsin talks about curating the rural voices from around the state…and what their stories can tell us about the relationship between place and identity.

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