New Bill Sets Guidelines For Elections During Emergencies, Tooth Fairy Folklore, Personal Finances During Pandemic

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Two Wisconsin lawmakers explain how their new proposal would ensure safe elections during a declared state of emergency. Then with many people being newly unemployed or working reduced hours, personal finances can be a challenge. We talk with a financial advisor about how to save and track our money during the pandemic. We also learn about the folklore behind the tooth fairy.

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  • Lawmakers Introduce Guidelines For Holding Safe Elections During Emergency

    We talk to two Wisconsin lawmakers behind a new bill they announced today that would direct safe practices for holding elections during a state of emergency declaration.

  • Why The Tooth Fairy Is An Essential Worker In A Child's World

    Childhood is filled with milestones like losing teeth, and for centuries cultures and regions all over the world have developed a variety of magical rituals to celebrate. We talk with an assistant professor of folklore about why “make believe” rituals like the tooth fairy are an important part of childhood.

  • How To Manage Your Money And Financial Stress Due To COVID-19

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 36.5 million Americans became unemployed since the COVID-19 pandemic began. We look at how we can effectively manage our money and deal with the financial stress of the coronavirus.

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