New Asylum Limits, TV Streaming Options, Chemicals In Consumer Products

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Under a move by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it’ll be harder for victims of domestic abuse and gang violence in other countries to be granted asylum. We break down Sessions’ ruling and what it means for those trying to enter the U.S. Plus, with more subscription-based streaming services than ever, choosing where we go for our entertainment can be overwhelming. We talk about the different options available, and ask you what you’ve found provides the best value. We also talk about the influence the chemical industry has on the food and products we see on store shelves.

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  • The Implications Of Sessions' New Limits For Asylum Seekers

    Under new restrictions unveiled by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, domestic abuse or gang violence will no longer be grounds for asylum in most cases. We look at the current state of asylum law, how it’s changing and what it means for those seeking entry into the United States.

  • Should We Be More Worried About Chemicals In Food And Consumer Products?

    When brands are constantly marketing to consumer desires –“natural” ingredients, companies that give back, organic, grass fed, BPA free, etc — it can be hard to find which brands and products are truly safe and family friendly. One of the largest groups concerned with non-toxic and organic products are mothers who often feel personally responsible for protecting their children from synthetic chemicals. We talk to the author and researcher behind a new book that takes a look at how the chemical industry has a great grip on our products and how to navigate that world as a consumer.

  • TV Streaming Services Force Traditional Cable Providers To Adapt

    Consumers today have a multitude of streaming services to consider to suit their TV viewing needs. We’ll talk to a tech reporter who will break down the various streaming options for those who may be looking to move away from traditional cable TV.

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