New Abortion Bill, Milwaukee Jazz History, Beer And Food Pairings

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The Milwaukee jazz scene is often overlooked in favor of music from Chicago or New York, but one historian wants to change that. We explore the history of Milwaukee jazz, and where it’s headed. We also discuss the best beer and food pairings, and look at a decison by state GOP lawmakers to introduce new abortion legislation.

Featured in this Show

  • GOP Lawmakers To Introduce Bill Banning Abortions At 20 Weeks

    Four Republican state lawmakers announced they will introduce a bill to ban abortions in Wisconsin after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Gov. Scott Walker has said previously that he would sign the bill. One of the sponsoring lawmakers provides details.

  • Milwaukee Jazz History Project Looks To Tell Story Of City's Forgotten Music History

    A new project looks to tell the often forgotten story of Milwaukee’s jazz history. The founder of the project talks about the musicians, venues and music that defined an era.

  • Food Friday: Beer and Food Pairing

    Beer can provide both contrasting and complementary experiences when paired with food. We talk to a food writer about choosing the perfect beer to pair with your meal.

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