Net Neutrality Vote, Who #MeToo Leaves Behind, Holiday Bowl Foods

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The FCC voted to end the Obama-era policy of net neuttrality. A technology reporter explains what happens now. There have been a number of high-profile accounts in the last few months of sexual misconduct by celebrities and politicians. We talk about how people in other walks of life are still vulnerable to harassment and assault. Also, we learn how to make delicious, easy bowl foods to take to our holiday parties.

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  • What Does The End Of Net Neutrality Mean?

    The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to end the Obama-era policy known as net neutrality. Proponents of the change say that there will be no impact on the user experience, and that the term and policy of “net neutrality” was not meaningful. Opponents of the move, which includes Internet heavy hitters like Netflix, Facebook and Amazon, say that the days of a free and accessible Internet are over.

  • Hidden Stories Of Sexual Assault And Abuse In The #MeToo Era

    There have been a number of high-profile accounts in the last few months of sexual harassment and abuse. Many of the people coming forward are either well-known or are in positions that grant them some degree of safety. However, people working in fields such as farming or hospitality may find themselves vulnerable to the abuse that #MeToo seeks to raise awareness about. We speak with investigative reporter Bernice Yeung of Reveal about the people that #MeToo leaves behind.

  • Food Friday: Holiday Bowl Foods

    With the holiday season upon us, the pressure is on to bring a dish to our family and work parties. Putting a simple recipe in a bowl can be the most low-maintenence option, but how do we make it stand out? WPR’s resident food expert joins us to talk about delicious but fuss-free dishes that will impress the crowd!

    What are some of your favorite holiday “bowl foods?” Do you have a go to recipe that you use for holiday parties?

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